The IDA Performance Companies

The IDA Performance Companies (Pre, Junior, Teen, & Senior) will provide students with additional opportunities to perform through competitions and local events.  The companies are designed for those students who aspire to be professional dancers or are looking to take their dancing skills to the next level, as they will introduce them to a more professional and competitive environment.  The companies however are not designed for its members to win trophies or to pit student against student.  They are to train dancers to work together as a team, improve their stage presence, grow their confidence, and to learn the expectations and discipline of serious dance students. 


Students will be selected based on an annual audition.  Applicants must be 9 yrs or older. Dancers selected must enroll in the required classes based on placements.  Students who are not selected for the company will be offered a chance to be in The IDA Pre-Company.


The IDA will hold auditions for its Performance Companies in the Fall.